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Danny Meyer’s Event Company Will Run a MePa Lexus Boutique Restaurant

New York City is getting yet another car company showroom/boutique with pedigreed food

[The Dubai location of Intersect by Lexus]
[The Dubai location of Intersect by Lexus]

Union Square Events, the catering wing of Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group, is going to operate the restaurant and event space in a new boutique at 412 West 14th Street called Intersect By Lexus. Crain's reports that the Lexus-backed space will have a lounge and a gallery area "that can host cars or exhibitions."  The car company previously announced that this retail space would also have apparel and other products for sale. No word yet on what type of food the restaurant will serve. Danny Meyer’s company will run the kitchen, which will be staffed by "a revolving cast of innovative and emerging global chefs." Union Square Events also operates the Shake Shacks at Citi Field and JFK, as well as the seasonal cafe at the Delacorte Theater, among other venues.

Car companies and major fashion and tech brands are hot on incorporating restaurants into their showrooms and retail spaces right now. Samsung’s new Meatpacking District space, Samsung 837, features a cafe "presented by Smorgasburrg." Down in Hudson Square, Cadillac recently opened a swanky gallery/lounge/showroom with a coffee bar by Joe. The warehouse on the Greenpoint-Williamsburg border that previously housed the Brooklyn Night Bazaar is being converted into a restaurant/work-share space/ studio/classroom/design studio backed by BMW. And Urban Outfitters is planning to bring Marc Vetri’s Pizzeria Vetri brand to stores across the country.

The Union Square Events restaurant inside Intersect by Lexus is slated to open in the middle of 2017. Lexus also operates similar boutiques in Tokyo and Dubai (pictured above).