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Mike Pence Hits Up Chili’s, Platt Loves Hao Noodle, and More Intel

Marta switches to a no-tipping system, plus more news and gossip from around NYC

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[The Writers Room on the Upper East Side]
[The Writers Room on the Upper East Side]
Daniel Krieger

— As you might have heard, Donald Trump's running mate Mike Pence wrapped up his visit to NYC over the weekend with a meal at Chili’s.

It wasn’t the Chili’s in JFK or the one in Glendale, but rather the location near Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. He was roundly ridiculed on Twitter for this dining choice.

A kayaker from Virginia decided to park his boat on the shore in Dumbo while he grabbed a slice at Front Street Pizza last week. After lunch and a tour of some local attractions, he returned to find the NYPD and FDNY investigating his empty boat as a crime scene. Passerby called the authorities when they saw the boat, assuming that a kayaker was missing.

— Danny Meyer’s Roman-style pizzeria Marta switched to a no-tipping system recently. The pizzas on the "Hospitality Included" menu are priced from $17 to $23. Meat and fish entrees run from $32 to $38. Eventually, all of the Union Square Hospitality Group restaurants will make the switch to no-tipping. North End Grill, Maialino, and The Modern already made the change as well.

— After months of construction, a new restaurant is opening soon in the old Dumpling Go space on Second Avenue called Dumpling Guo. In addition to dumplings, the new menu will have hot pots. According to a sign, everything will be made with "fresh, local, sustainable and organic ingredients."

— The owners of Cake Shop are looking for someone to take over the street level restaurant space, while they keep operating the venue down below. A note in the window explains: "To be clear — the food concept must be realized with an ‘electric’ kitchen, as there will not be any hood fans for gas cooking."

Adam Platt is a big fan of Village newcomer Hao Noodle and Tea by Madam Zhu’s Kitchen: "Order the perfectly shaped steamed bao-dze at this impeccable little establishment, and you’ll find that they’re filled not with the usual pink sweet Cantonese char siu but with little bits of stir-fried pork belly. There are two varieties of Sichuanese cold chicken appetizers on the carefully edited menu (one 'Le Shan' style in a wet chile sauce folded with chicken stock and peppercorns, the other with dry chiles, star anise, and curls of dried orange peel), and the noodle section reads like a greatest-hits tour through the stands of Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Taiwan." Platty gives the restaurant three stars out of five.

Matt Conroy, a veteran of the Little Prince and Empellon Cocina, is now the chef de cuisine at Virginia’s in the East Village. His menu includes hamachi crudo, lamb tartare, and a grilled wattle pork chop with fava beans.

Because some UK chefs and restaurateurs look to New York City for dining inspiration, the Telegraph’s Diana Henry recently paid a visit to see what's hot these days. One takeaway: "Buttermilk, seaweed (seaweed pasta, for example), black sesame oil, oysters (fresh, cooked, deep fried), endless variations on hummus and incredible breads. And breakfast. NYC has always done breakfast well, but in a bid to keep restaurants making money at every hour, it’s getting even better. Sadelle’s, which opened in 2015, offers some of the best bagels I’ve ever tasted, baked in a glass cage in the middle of the room." Eater’s Ryan Sutton and Helen Rosner also comment on what’s exciting in NYC these days.

— And finally, here’s a look at the "glaze wall" at Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop in Greenpoint:

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