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Nitecap Moves to 151 Space, Croque Monsieur Shutters in Midtown, and More News

Olmsted gets its liquor license, plus more news and gossip from around NYC

[The dining room at Yakitori Tora on Kenmare]
[The dining room at Yakitori Tora on Kenmare]
Daniel Krieger

— After two years in business in the space below Schapiro’s, Lower East Side cocktail den Nitecap is moving to a new storefront down the block at 151 Rivington Street. This is the space that housed the bar 151, which was operated, until recently, by a team that included Alex Day and Dave Kaplan, who also run Nitecap with Natasha David. Now Kaplan, Day, and David have bought out the other 151 partners and are planning to move their popular cocktail bar into this space. Nitecap closed earlier this week. If everything goes according to plan, the bar will reopen next Monday. Natasha David tells Eater: "You can expect the same Nitecap feel, just a slightly different room, and a new address just down the block."

— The Midtown location of cheese sandwich shop La Maison du Croque Monsieur closed recently. A note from the owners claims that they’re just repairing the air conditioner, but a "for rent" sign is also hanging in the window:

Prospect Heights hot spot Olmsted finally got approved for a liquor license, so now the bar is serving cocktails. The drinks list includes six house cocktails made by Mike Bohn.

Here, now, is Martha Stewart’s hot take on millennials: "I think every business is trying to target millennials. But who are millennials?...Now we are finding out that they are living with their parents. They don’t have the initiative to go out and find a little apartment and grow a tomato plant on the terrace." Martha claims that, during a recent dinner on her farm, David Chang convinced her to devote more time to teaching millennials how to do things. Stewart notes: "David Chang kept saying, ‘Martha, you know so much and the millennials have to know this stuff! . . . They don’t know how to grow spinach.'"

The CB3’s SLA licensing committee voted to deny the liquor license application for a proposed craft beer bar on the roof of the Holiday Inn on the corner of Delancey and Suffolk. The SLA will have the final say as to whether the team gets the liquor license.

Before he was on TV cooking seafood, Ben Sargent operated an underground lobster roll business in Greenpoint called Dr. Klaw. It was not legal, so it got shut down. But now Sargant is bringing back his Dr. Klaw alter ego via a Kickstarter campaign. His page notes: "You help me find DR. KLAW and I'll help you find secret, delicious seafood."

Emmy Squared, Win Son, Frankel’s, Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen, Hunan Bistro, and Tut’s Hub land on The Robs’ annual best cheap eats list.

Construction workers are now dismantling the Rivington Street building that once housed Streit’s Matzo Factory. The factory moved out of the Lower East Side last year, and now the site is being converted into condos.

— And finally, here’s how to make lobster like Marc Murphy: