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There's a Charmander at the Midtown Pokeworks

This is not a drill

He's just chilling by the takeout counter
He's just chilling by the takeout counter
Helen Rosner

Midtown Manhattan is swarming with bats right now — cartoon ones, at least, as Pokémon Go players' phones are filled up with flickering Zubats — but there are still plenty of treasures to be found. Notably Charmander, the much-beloved starter Pokémon, whose ease of capture if you select him in the very beginning of the game is rivaled only by his scarcity in the wild. Want to catch him? He's appropriately located just inside Pokeworks, one of the many storefronts popping up to sate New Yorkers' currently uncontrollable urge for poke (po-kay), the Hawaiian raw-fish salad.

This reporter will readily admit that her entire reason for visiting to Pokeworks was to get some sweet visual-pun action, but far better than that was the discovery of an elusive Charmander — the super-cute little flame-tailed guy that you might (if you are like this reporter) regret having passed over for Bulbasaur when you first fired up Pokémon Go this weekend.

Another Pokémon Go player waiting in line at restaurant (located at 63 W. 37th St.; and it's also a Poké Stop, currently modded — thanks, intrepid player DrewBearz!) also caught the Charmander, confirming that this is not an isolated incident. Turns out Pokémon love poke, just like everyone else.