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Stephen Starr and Daniel Rose's Le Coucou to Trip the Light Fantastic Starting Next Week

One of the biggest restaurants of 2016 is almost here

[Le CouCou/Facebook

The paint is almost dry on the walls of Le Coucou, a restaurant from two industry heavy-hitters. In one corner, we have Stephen Starr, a man with a knack for creating both outlandish theme canteens, and high-gloss chef-driven restaurants. And in the other corner, we have Daniel Rose, an American-born chef who earned heaps of praise for his restaurant Spring in Paris.

Daniel Rose's NYC restaurant Le Coucou is almost ready - gorgeous sunset pouring through tall windows.

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Last fall, Rose said that the restaurant would be "like a Lutèce reboot, with classic French food." And now, Flo Fab reports that the opening menu will include dishes like pike quenelles, poached chicken for two to four, and pigs' feet with caviar. And judging by some early photos of the space, it looks like the dining room will be equally extravagant — please note the chandeliers and trompe l'oeil painting in the photo above. The design titans at Roman + Williams are creating the space.

Le Coucou is slated to open inside the 11 Howard Hotel next Monday. OpenTable reservations are live for Wednesday, June 15. Stay tuned for more updates on the opening of Le Coucou as they become available.