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BAM: Gotham West Spinoff to Open in Fort Greene With Mu Ramen, Barbecue, Pizza, and More

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The new market is right down the block from BAM

[The original location of Gotham West Market]
[The original location of Gotham West Market]
Daniel Krieger

The organizers of Hell's Kitchen's wildly popular Gotham West Market are planning a new iteration of the dining hall at the base of The Ashland, a luxury residential building in Fort Greene. Joshua Smookler will bring a version of his Long Island City hit Mu Ramen to the market, with a menu that will include burgers in addition to noodles and Japanese-influenced snacks. The team behind Midtown barbecue restaurant Mason Jar will also operate one of the dining areas inside Gotham Market at The Ashland, as it's called. And John Stage, the founder of Dinosuar Bar-B-Que, will be running a pizzeria called Apizza Regionale, a rotisserie/fried chicken stall by the name of Flip Bird, and another yet-to-be-announced restaurant inside the market. A few more vendors will also be added to the lineup in advance of the fall opening, and Flo Fab notes that the space will feature a stall for chef pop-ups. The building is just one block away from BAM.