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Christina Tosi and Anthony Rudolf Team Up With Kellogg’s For Permanent Times Square Cereal Restaurant

Milk Bar's chef and Per Se's former GM put together a restaurant with America's cereal titan

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The weirdest and most unexpected opening of summer 2016 might very well be Kellogg’s NYC. It’s an all-day Times Square cereal bar with dishes created by consulting chef Christina Tosi, and a wall of automat-style cabinets where the food is dispensed and picked up. It's kind of like an Amazon Locker for breakfast. Keeping with the cereal box theme, these little windows will be full of not just bowls of milk and grain products, but also surprise items like toys or even Hamilton tickets.

Kellogg’s is opening this new restaurant in partnership with Anthony Rudolf, the former Per Se GM who also is the founder of Journee and the co-founder of the Welcome Conference. After doing a pop-up with Tosi years ago, the company reached out to the chef about doing another cereal project together, and she suggested that they talk to Anthony Rudolf. He created the space in collaboration with Chipman Interior Designers. Rudolf, who's working here as partner/co-owner, tells Eater about his plan for the ordering system:

You’ll order with people, and you’ll be greeted by people. But then in a very low-tech way, when it comes time for you to receive your cereal, we give you a buzzer and your buzzer will tell you what cabinet to go to. You’ll open up the cabinet, and there’s your cereal — or maybe not. Maybe it’s the morning paper or an apple or a banana or maybe you get the toy in the cereal box. And maybe the toy in the cereal box is a temporary tattoo, or maybe it’s Hamilton tickets.

The gift giving won’t be entirely random, and he says that "everybody will get something." Rudolf also notes: "Say a little kid walks in with a Yankees hat, and we have a signed ball in our toy chest from one of the Yankees player — we can give it to them."

The menu includes five cereal bowls ($7.50 for large; $6.50 for small) which all incorporate Kellogg’s brand cereals as the base, plus fruit, nuts, herbs, and various powders and seasonings. Guests can also build their own cereal bowls from the lists of available options. Cereal sundaes made with Blue Marble soft serve are also available, plus coffee and tea. The coffee supplier will change frequently, but the team is opening with beans from Irving Farm.

Kellogg’s NYC officially opens on July 4. It's located at 1600 Broadway, just down the block from M & M's World in the heart of Times Square. Kellogg's associate marketing director Andy Shripka says that the team has signed a five year lease on the space. Here’s a look at the room and the menu:

KelloggsNYC-Menu-6.25.16 by Eater NY

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