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All Your Nordic Fantasies Will Come True at The Great Northern Food Hall, a Claus Meyer Joint in GCT

The co-founder of Noma just hacked the plywood off his highly anticipated food hall in one of Manhattan's busiest transportation hubs

Danish celebrity chef/cookbook author Claus Meyer quietly debuted his ambitious food hall inside Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall this week. The Great Northern Food Hall has five pavilions specializing in different dishes and drinks. You can get open-faced sandwiches, sweet pastries, coffee, and cocktails at this mini food court. Soon, a grain bar and a vegetable-focused stall will make their debuts. One of the pavilions will serve ymer, a creamy, whey-less milk product that Meyer says makes you feel like "you are being caressed." According to a rep, the official grand opening is on Monday, but it was open during the second half of this week and will be open this weekend.

Earlier this year, Meyer and Icelandic chef Gunnar Gíslason opened their fine dining-focused Agern in Grand Central Terminal. Claus also launched a grab-and-go cafe and hot dog stand near the southwest entrance to GCT. In the future, he plans to open a culinary school/restaurant in Brownsville.

Take a look around Great Northern below, and if you happen to stop by next week, let us know what you think.

A food hall with tall ceilings, chandelier, and a few customers milling about. Nick Solares/Eater NY

Nick Solares

Nick Solares

Nick Solares

Nick Solares

Great Northern Food Hall

89 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017 (646) 568-4020 Visit Website
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