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Bourdain Market Website Pushes Expected Opening Date Back Two Years

Womp: The website now says coming in 2019

Bourdain Market Bourdain Market

Bourdain Market, possibly the most anticipated opening of the decade, has now pushed back its anticipated debut date by two years. Both the website and the Instagram for the Anthony Bourdain international food market at Pier 57 now tout a 2019 opening — much later than the late 2017 date that’s been thrown around for months. Eater has reached out to the Bourdain Market for more information, but no official word yet on why the date has been changed by a whopping two years. Just a couple weeks ago, Bourdain told Adweek that he hoped to open it in 2017.

Still, it’s not a total surprise to have at least some delay. In the same Adweek interview, Bourdain mentioned that "it’s a huge, huge, huge undertaking" with a lot of paperwork hurdles, such as obtaining visas for must-have international vendors. Plus, Bourdain Market is being built on Pier 57, which has a host of its own complications. The pier is undergoing a massive $350 million redevelopment, and the whole thing involves a slew of government and community approvals. Developers only secured a $225 million loan to start the process this past spring.

But for eager Bourdain fans, the website does offer a little nugget to look forward to before 2019. They’ll be launching a mobile app in January so people can "learn about our food partners from around the world."

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