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Model/Chef Franco Noriega Eyeing New Rotisserie Chicken Locations in East Village, Soho

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Noriega’s first restaurant Baby Brasa opens on Saturday

Franco Noriega Franco Noriega

Underwear model and eight pack ab chef Franco Noriega is already setting his sights on more locations for his rotisserie chicken restaurant, Baby Brasa. Noriega, who’s appeared in Dolce and Gabbana and Burberry ads, plans to open new locations in the East Village and Soho, he tells the Post in a shirtless profile on Wednesday. After some delay, the chef and restaurateur is opening the first location of Peruvian rotisserie chicken restaurant Baby Brasa at 129 Allen Street this Saturday, and he’s still planning a sit-down location in South Williamsburg called Brasa for later this year. The chef tells Eater that he hopes to finalize the leases for the East Village and Soho outposts in the next few weeks and open them later this year.

The Peru native, 27, says that he’s only serving hearty, wholesome foods that he eats to keep up his physique — clean food like organic free-range chicken, avocado toast, and quinoa. Despite the healthy diet, the Post profile reveals that the chef does not fear carbs and eats a baguette every day. To stay fit, he skateboards.

For locals looking to snag a glance of the chef, Noriega has been working on his LES restaurant without a shirt, according to the Post. "I’m always shirtless," he says. "I go into stores shirtless. I just love it because I come from such a tropical climate." (He promises to "put on an apron or something" for health department regulation purposes.) And apparently he’s not afraid of being a little flirtatious with his restaurant space, either. Noriega has this print by artist Baron Von Fancy up in Baby Brasa:

@baronvonfancy X @babybrasa

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Go here for the full Post profile, and stay tuned for more information on Baby Brasa.

Baby Brasa

129 Allen St, New York, NY 10002 (646) 998-5316