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Roll-N-Roaster’s Lemon Ice Stand, Bâtard’s Eckart Witzigmann Tribute, and More Intel

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Sonja Morgan is planning a Tipsy Girl restaurant in Greenwich Village, plus more news and gossip from around NYC

[Parm Williamsburg, as spied from the sidewalk through an open door.]

The owners of 45-year-old Sheepshead Bay legend Roll-N-Roaster recently debuted a counter outside the restaurant where visitors can pick up lemon ices, hot dogs, and a panini version of the famous roast beef sandwich. These menu items have never been served at the restaurant before. Gothamist points out the the owners also introduced an official Roll-N-Roaster app, which allows customers to order food for pick-up or delivery.

— It looks like the long-delayed Williamsburg outpost of Parm is almost ready to roll. Check out the progress in the photo above.

— For seven nights this summer, Bâtard’s Markus Glocker is going to honor his mentor Eckart Witzigmann with a special five-course $75 prix fixe comprised of the chef’s signature dishes. Witzigmann, who turns 75 this summer, was the first chef in Germany to receive three Michelin stars, and he's considered one of the pioneers of nouvelle cuisine.  Bâtard’s special menu will include dishes like roasted langoustine with asparagus, lamb loin wrapped in aubergine, and foie gras with black truffles. It's available from June 29 through July 7 (the restaurant is closed on July 3 and 4). Bâtard’s regular menu will also be available on these nights. Reservations can be booked on OpenTable.

Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan is planning to open a bar with small plates in the old Village Pisco space at 45 West Eighth Street called Tipsy Girl.The restaurant doesn’t have a chef yet, but the it’s slated to open sometime this summer. Morgan is trying to build Tipsy Girl into a brand with affiliated alcohol products in addition to restaurants. Rival Housewives star Bethany Frankel has a similar brand called Skinnygirl. The Post notes that Frankel’s camp tried to trademark the title "Tipsygirl" (one word), but that is not stopping Morgan from opening her restaurant.

Steve Croman, the East Village landlord who was recently arrested and charged with 20 felonies, is headed back to court today. Croman had many spats with restaurateur tenants over the years, including the owner of Bruno Pizza. Vanity Fair notes that the real estate mogul’s lawyer is Ben Brafman, the same attorney who is representing pharma bro Martin Shkreli. An EV Grieve tipster says that some of Croman’s former tenants are planning to "meet and greet their disgraced, indicted landlord" at the courthouse this morning.

A customer at Sheepshead Bay sushi restaurant Mitoushi stabbed two other people in the dining room on Thursday night. The argument happened within earshot of the criminal's girlfriend and baby. The stabber immediately fled the scene, and was arrested at a nearby convenience store 30 minutes later. Both victims were taken to Lutheran Hospital, and the guy with the knife was charged with multiple accounts of assault, harassment, and menacing, as well as endangering the welfare of a child.

The owner of Serengeti Teas is planning to open a new restaurant in the former Island Salad space at 22 East 125th Street. Harlem Bespoke reports that the new cafe will offer regional African cuisine in a space that will include an outdoor patio. It’s slated to open in a few months.

— Pete Wells has a burning question about ice cream:

Ricky Gervais was spotted hanging out at Mimo Blend, a new Upper East Side juice bar, on Sunday.

— Last night, the CB3’s SLA subcommittee voted to deny Happy Ending’s liquor license renewal application. The SLA will now have the final say on whether the bar/art space can still serve booze.

— And finally, here’s how to make cookie sandwiches like the team from Ovenly: