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NYC Chefs Share Their Favorite Places to Eat Barbecue

Eater reached out to some of NYC's biggest chefs to find out where they love to eat some 'cue

Anita Lo - Chef/Owner of Annisa: "For all around consistency, I like Dinosaur Barbecue up in my old neighborhood. I also like Big W's Roadside Barbecue Upstate. I used to work with Warren Norstein, the big W."

Ryan Hardy - Chef/Partner of Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones: "Hometown Bar-B-Que is insanely good — lamb belly, turkey legs, brisket, sour pickles and pit beans. Whoa. When it’s a sunny day and I have the time, it’s worth the trip to Red Hook."

Ken Oringer - Chef/Owner of Toro: "I love barbecue!! I love Korean BBQ at Deuki’s spot, love Mighty Quinn’s brisket. Love that barbecued Thai-style chicken at Uncle Boons. And I also love Blue Smoke — the chef is super talented there."

Daniel Holzman - Chef/co-owner of The Meatball Shop: "I like Fette Sau, partially because it's around the corner from my house and partially because the food is absolutely delicious and partially because it's still one of the coolest spots in Williamsburg. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is also amazing, but a real trip from my place."

Alex Raij - Chef/Co-owner of El Quinto Pino, Txikito, and La Vara: "I like Hometown Bar-B-Que in Red Hook for the meat, and the space is great for kids."

Justin Smillie - Chef/Partner of Upland: "Dinosaur is really close to my house. That's my once-a-month spot. Hometown is pretty remarkable, and I love the brisket at Fette Sau."

Matt Lambert - Chef/Owner of The Musket Room: "I don’t make it out to barbecue restaurants that often, but I have gone to the new Mighty Quinn’s location on the UES, it’s really close to where I live. We just had a baby last month and it’s definitely one of our favorite take-out restaurants."

Ann Redding - Chef/Co-owner of Uncle Boons and Mr. Donahue’s: "When you mentioned barbecue, the first thought that came to my mind was Baekjeong. Love that place! It’s great."

Jesse Schenker - Chef/Owner of The Gander: "Dinosaur is my go-to. The barbecue pork ribs and barbecue fried rice are my favorites, and my kids love the mac and cheese."

Jordan Andino - Chef/Owner of 2nd City: "I have two and only two favorite barbecue places: Millstone BBQ has the best brisket ribs, and Dinosaur Bar-B-Que has the best sauces."

Leah Cohen, Chef/Owner of Pig & Khao: "My absolute favorite barbecue in New York is Hometown Bar-B-Que. I love the wings, ribs, pastrami bacon, lamb belly banh mi, and brisket. The sides are amazing as well. I especially love the collard greens and the smoked beans. And I always get the banana pudding to finish off the meal. Another BBQ spot I really like is Mighty Quinn's. I always get the burnt ends."

Trae Basore - Executive Chef of Pearl & Ash: "Coming from the South, pig is king in barbecue. My favorite place in NYC is Fette Sau. I like their hot links and the pulled pork. But if you're ever in Arkansas, my favorite is B&B in Fayetteville. They do a whole smoked bologna and slice it thin. It's ridiculous."

Eduard Frauneder - Chef/Owner Edi & The Wolf, Freud, Schilling: "The brisket marinated in fish sauce and chili paste at Ducks Eatery in the East Village is my favorite."

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