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Food From Boat-Like Restaurant La Sirena to Be Served on Actual Boats

Members of a fancy yacht club can eat food from La Sirena while sailing around NYC

[Paul Crispin Quitoriano]
[Paul Crispin Quitoriano]
Paul Crispin

With its ample deck space, mermaid mascot, and unique position high above Ninth Avenue, La Sirena feels a bit like a fancy yacht. And now, food from Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich’s new restaurant is going to be available on actual fancy yachts. Today, the Barton & Gray Mariner’s Club announces that it is going to be offering two menus from La Sirena’s chef Josh Laurano aboard its "fleet of crewed Hinckley yachts" in New York City. The brunch menu has pastries, a spring pasta frittata, and bellinis, while the "aperitivo del mare" menu includes salumi, whipped eggplant, and "lobster Tramezzini." Membership to this yacht club starts at $25,000 in annual dues plus an initiation fee of $10,000. Eater critic Ryan Sutton recently gave La Sirena one star.