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Make It Rain Watered-Down Champagne Because the Sunday Boozy Brunch Law Is BUSTED

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Andrew Cuomo scores a victory in Albany for all the day drinkers across New York State

[A cocktail from Maison Premiere]
[A cocktail from Maison Premiere]
Daniel Krieger

Soon, you will be able to order a mimosa, bloody Mary, whiskey neat, or frosty mug of beer on Sunday mornings starting at 10 a.m. An old blue law dictated that restaurants were prohibited from serving booze before noon on Sundays. But yesterday, Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature agreed upon a deal to change the ancient Alcohol Beverage Control Law.  As part of this agreement, bars and restaurants outside of NYC will be able to apply for special permits to sell liquor starting at 8 a.m. on Sunday, too.

Back in April, Cuomo created a panel called the "Alcoholic Beverage Control Law Working Group" to advise the state on how to overturn the old law. Last month, at a brewery's ribbon-cutting ceremony, the governor remarked: "The law was created 80 years ago right after prohibition....It is the most bizarre, arcane, frustrating, maddening law that you could imagine."

The Post notes that, depending on how things proceed in Albany this week, New Yorkers could start taking advantage of the new policy as early as this Sunday.

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