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Marco Canora to Open Zadie’s Oyster Room in Fifty Paces Space

The Hearth chef takes another crack at the old Terroir EV space

Nick Solares

Marco Canora has temporarily closed his bar in the old Terroir space, Fifty Paces, with plans to reopen the storefront on Thursday as a new concept called Zadie’s Oyster Room. It was only on Sunday that Canora began renovations on 413 E 12th Street in preparation to open Zadie’s, his bar near Hearth that will serve as an homage to the oyster rooms of the early 1900s. Fifty Paces opened less than a year and a half ago.

At Zadie’s, Canora will serve oysters in a variety of styles including pickled, fried, broiled, baked, steamed, and poached.  The chef tells the New York Times that he doesn’t understand why cooked oysters aren’t more of a trend in New York. Seaweed will be another major component on the menu at Zadie’s: "I almost called it an oyster and seaweed room," says Canora. "I thought that would be cute and cool. I kind of wimped out and didn’t do that." Zadie’s will offer a selection of beer, wine, and lots of bubbles.