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Roll Up Your Sleeves and Loosen That Belt: Eater’s First-Ever Barbecue Week Starts RIGHT NOW

It's a week-long carnival of meat for smoke snobs, newbies, and everyone in between

[Brisket being sliced at Hometown Bar-B-Que in Red Hook]
[Brisket being sliced at Hometown Bar-B-Que in Red Hook]
Daniel Krieger

That smoke you smell? It’s Post Oak, shipped to Eater HQ directly from a secret grove on the outskirts of Marfa. It cost a pretty penny, but it was worth the price because for the next five days, Team Eater is going to be serving you the juiciest, smokiest batch of barbecue-themed stories, maps, and profiles that New York has ever seen. The editors of this publication took shifts watching the smoker all night to ensure that these meaty dining guides were cooked evenly and accurately. The bark around this editorial bundle is thick, but pleasantly crumbly near the edges.

So please, take a minute to fasten the plastic bib around your neck, take a sip of the nearest brown liquid, and get the Wet-Naps ready, because Eater’s first-ever celebration of New York barbecue starts right this very second.

Oh and don’t forget to tip your editors by letting them know your favorite ‘cue dishes in NYC, either in the comments of this post or via