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Dahlia's Temporarily Closes, Bourdain's Pastrami Sandwich Picks, and More Intel

Mamoun's prepares to move down the block, plus more news and gossip from around NYC

[The monster crowd of people waiting for Mother's Day brunch at Five Leaves yesterday afternoon]
Robert Sietsema

Dahlia's, the East Village Mexican restaurant that got busted for hosting a massive teen cocktail party earlier this year, is currently closed. Business took a major hit after the SLA suspended its liquor license and arrested owner Huascar Then. A sign in the window notes: "Dahlia's Restaurant will be closed until our liquor license issue gets fixed and cleared up." The team also operates a sister establishment, Dahlia's Tapas Restaurant, on East 9th Street.

Urbanspace Garment District Market will return to the intersection of Broadway and 40th Street on May 16 for a six-week run. New additions to the outdoor food court include Chicago-style pizzeria Emmet's, a tamale/Michelada operation called MASA, an Italian sweets and coffee stand called Casa Toscana, and a new vendor by the name of Delicatessen Taco. Check out the full list of vendors here.

— The Philippe Starck-designed building on the northwest corner of Prince and Mulberry streets now has signage advertising Miss Paradis, a spinoff of Parisian health food restaurant Paradis Des Fruits. No word yet on when it will open.

SNL cast member Vanessa Bayer has an amazing Sunday routine that involves getting a bagel and coffee delivered to her apartment after 3 p.m. as fuel for catching up with her DVR queue. She tells the Times: "Sometimes I’ll order in three times on Sundays. People think New York is crazy and busy, but it’s actually a great place for lazy people to live. You can order microwaveable popcorn! I’ll order, like, those bags of it. But there’s a minimum, so then I’ll order laundry detergent. I wonder sometimes what the doormen think of me."

Becky Cooper of Tables for Two finds some hits along with a few misses at Denise Lina Chavez's El Atoradero in Prospect Heights: "The portions are enormous, and the price just right, inspiring diners with even the most abstemious of intentions to indulge in an artery-corking feast. But, four months after the restaurant’s opening, the food is inconsistent. Thealbondigas enchipotladas—pork meatballs drenched in chipotle sauce—are dry and dull one meal, transcendent the next. The mixiotes, masterfully undersold by the bartender one night as 'a mixture of dark chicken in a bag,' is a standout."

Globe-trotting author/TV star Anthony Bourdain misses New York deli meat while on the road: "If I’m away from New York long enough, I need a correct pastrami sandwich from either Pastrami Queen or Katz’s. And you’re not getting that anywhere else, as far as I’m concerned."

— This week, classic falafel stand Mamoun's is moving from its East Village home at 22 St. Mark's Place to bigger digs down the block at 30 St. Mark's. The move was going to take place today, but the team decided to postpone the grand opening of the new space till tomorrow. No word yet on what will happen to the old space. The owners of Mamoun's signed a ten-year lease at 30 St. Mark's.

Some of the menu items aren't worth the price, but Adam Platt digs many of the fancy poultry dishes at Le Coq Rico in Union Square: "The pride of the list is the Brune Landaise, a French breed that has been raised for 110 days, according to the chef’s little poultry book, by Mennonite farmers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. My Francophile friend loved the 'moist and muscly' quality of the meat, although if you’re going to plunk down close to a hundred bucks for a single chicken, and you’re hooked on the plump, fat-injected texture of the gulag-raised American bird, I recommend the familiarly salty, crispy-skinned Barred Plymouth Rock." Two stars.

Post curmudgeon Steve Cuozzo thinks the mayor should keep his mouth shut about Chick-fil-A: "Eat it, Bill de Blasio! Your suggestion that we avoid Chick-Fil-A because of the company president’s negative view of same-sex marriage made me gag. The national chicken chain is opening more outlets around town, drawing happy throngs and creating jobs in formerly empty storefronts."

— And finally, here's a look at the monster meat feast at The Cannibal: