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Eater NY Staffing News: Solares IN as Restaurant Editor; Dai IN as News Editor

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please lean a bit closer to your screen, because boy oh boy, do we have some exciting news for you

[Nick Solares and Serena Dai]

After two-plus years working as Senior Editor and resident carnivore, Nick Solares is ascending the ranks and taking on a new position here at the good ship Eater NY. As of today, Solares is working as this publication's first-ever Restaurant Editor. In this role, Nick will hunt down the best new restaurants, while keeping close tabs on the classics. Ultimately his work will manifest itself in the form of Eater 38 and Heatmap updates, as well as other guides to eating and drinking in this fine metropolis. With extensive experience dining out in New York City, and an impressive knack for tracking down what's new and good, there's no better fit for Eater NY's first Restaurant Editor than Nick.

Since joining Eater NY in the role of Reporter last year, Serena Dai has explored the worlds of Bodega bagel-making, Smorgasburg taste-testing, bakery wholesale-ing, and burrito chain expansion-ing, all while covering openings and closings around the city, and the burgeoning delivery wars in Midtown Manhattan. And now, Serena is growing into the position of News Editor. In this new role, Serena will bring you all the vital news about the hot spots everyone is talking about, while continuing to dig up the dirt about restaurants big and small across the five boroughs. Please send any and all tidbits of restaurant news and gossip her way.

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