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Pelaccio Goes a la Carte in Hudson, Kitchen Fire at Scaletta, and More Intel

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The Hamptons noise wars heat up, plus more restaurant news and gossip

[The dining room at Little Beet]
[Daniel Krieger]

— Former Fatty Crab king Zak Pelaccio just made a major change at his James Beard Award-winning restaurant up in Hudson, NY. After three years of business, Fish & Game has switched from a tasting menu-only format to an a la carte menu. In a note to fans of the restaurant, Pelaccio explains: "As our tastes change, so does the format of the menu and we’re at the point where we would like to have the freedom to go big on some nights and keep it light on others." The restaurant started serving the a la carte menu last Friday. Check it out here.

Local politicians in the Hamptons are cracking down on the noisy party spots that Manhattanites flock to during the summer. This year, places like Surf Lodge will need cabaret licenses if they want to host live music or DJs.

Shauna Lyon of Tables for Two is a fan of Urbanspace Vanderbilt Market, despite the crowds and occasional lack of seating. Here's the critic on the Delaney Chicken stand: "Inspired by the New Orleans institution Willie Mae’s, Daniel Delaney has taken a detour from Texas barbecue (at BrisketTown, in Williamsburg), to focus on the fried-chicken sandwich. After six hours in a brine, dark meat is dipped into a buttermilk-cayenne batter foaming with baking soda and fried à la minute. The chicken ends up super juicy and crispy, with a whisper of heat, perfect on a soft bun with mayonnaise, hot sauce, and pickles."

The FDNY put out a fire in the kitchen of Scaletta on the Upper West Side on Sunday afternoon. An employee at the Italian restaurant told West Side Rag that the restaurant would be closed "for the next few days."

Three former employees of Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina in Chelsea Market claim that they were fired for complaining about how the owners favored Italian workers and customers. The suit alleges that the restaurateurs gave Italian workers health care before everyone else, and the management allowed them to drink on the job and drop shifts whenever they wanted. A lawyer for the former employees tells the Post: "It’s the opposite of hospitality; it’s discrimination." The restaurant calls the claims "wholly without merit."

— Midtown's reigning chicken sandwich champion Fuku Plus recently added "sweet & spicy Fuku fingers" to the menu:

Sweet and spicy glazed Fuku fingers.

A photo posted by Matthew Rudofker (@c_mdi) on

The old Mission Chinese-spiced Fuku fingers are no longer listed on the menu.

— On Saturday, the Coney Island flagship location of Nathan's will be serving five cent dogs for three hours to commemorate the restaurant's 100th anniversary.

A 27-year-old-man was shot during a drive-by shooting outside Cafeteria in Chelsea yesterday. The victim was rushed to Bellevue Hospital and is expected to survive. The attacker, who was driving at grey Mercedes, is still at large.

Jonah Reider, the Columbia student who started a supper club in his dorm room, is curating a "culinary and artistic installation" at the Front Art Space in Tribeca. He's going to do a free tasting on Wednesday, and Reider is planning some dinners later this month.

Michael Strahan and Henrik Lundqvist had dinner at Bowery Meat Co. last Wednesday (at separate tables).

— The people behind Shi in Long Island City are opening a Japanese restaurant next to Dutch Kills in Long Island City called Sapps. The new establishment, set to debut next year, will feature Japanese food, including sushi, from a chef that spent time at Sapporo in the East Village.

— A man opened fire in the parking lot of a McDonald's in the Bronx on Friday at 7:30 p.m. A 41-year-old woman was shot in the shoulder and the leg, while two men, 27 and 24, were injured by glass that shattered during the shooting. All the victims are in stable condition. The shooter is now in custody.

— And finally, here's a look at how Otafuku in the East Village makes its takoyaki: