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David Chang Initiates Covert Ando Deployment in Midtown East

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The most anticipated delivery-only restaurant of all time is finally open for business

This is not a drill: The Momofuku team's top-secret restaurant Ando is now officially L-I-V-E. Unlike the other Momo restaurants, this one doesn't have a dining room. It's a delivery-only operation, and all the ordering is done via an app. Only a select number of users can place delivery orders at the moment, and currently, the service is only available from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Midtown East. Interested parties can apply for Ando access via the restaurant's homepage or its app, but odds are you'll be added to the wait list. The app currently offers zero information about menu options and pricing unless you have the access code. But here's what you see when you unlock the door to AndoLand:

[These are the four savory lunch items currently available]

The menu also includes Milk Bar cookies, a hibiscus-pomegranate doughnut, and three types of orange soda. The layout suggests that you're ordering from a virtual restaurant called JJ's, presumably named after J.J. Basil, the Momofuku veteran that Chang put in charge of running the kitchen. Will Ando add different virtual restaurants to the app? Will users also be able to order from Fuku someday?! Only time will tell.

Here's the delivery zone:

All the delivery is being handled by UberRush.

The Ando homepage also explains the connection between the restaurant and its namesake, instant noodle pioneer Momofuku Ando: "We aim to follow his lead by making restaurant-quality food, designed for delivery, that you can eat at your desk, in a park, or on the couch in your underwear." If you're one of the lucky few people to get Ando access today, and you decide to order lunch delivery, please let us know how it goes.

Stay tuned for more updates on New York's hottest delivery-only restaurant as they become available.

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