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Springbone, a Restaurant Dedicated to Bone Broth, Opens Friday in Greenwich Village

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The founders wanted a Paleo-friendly, health-focused place

Springbone Kitchen

The bone broth fad is hitting a new landmark: New York City will be home to a second broth-dedicated restaurant on Friday with the opening of Springbone Kitchen. Self-described "Broth Bros." Jordan Feldman and Sam Eckstein say they decided to open the restaurant at 90 West 3rd St. after "we searched obsessively for healthier options, but were left consistently disappointed by what we found," according to the website. The result: A Paleo-friendly menu primarily focused on broth, simmered for 36 hours and made with grass-fed and free-range animal bones and organic vegetables.

Flavors include "bacon n'eggs," which features smoked pork broth and raw egg, and "butterbroth," beef broth with butter. Prices for preset flavors start at $5 for nine ounces, while an option to custom design a broth starts at $4 without add-ins. For those who prefer to chew to their food, Springbone offers options like meatballs with zucchini spaghetti and avocado toast with seaweed flakes. They also serve butter coffee and ice cream made with frozen avocado. Nearly everything is gluten, soy, and dairy-free. Both founders do Crossfit, and Feldman says that drinking bone broth helped with recovery for a knee injury.

Bone broth as healthy, nutrition-packed beverage spawned events like a Broth Fest last year in New York, where a slew of non-broth focused restaurants tried their hand at the souped up stock. Several restaurants, including Hu Kitchen, still offer their version of broth on the menu. But only one other place — Marco Canora's Brodo, which is a take-out counter — can claim to be primarily focused on the stuff. Check out Springbone's menu below, and let us know what you think if you stop by.