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Trader Joe's Eyes Second 14th Street Location, Ice Cream Bandits Attack Midtown, and More Intel

The Chick'n Shack lands at JFK, plus more news and gossip from around NYC

[The dining room at Vinegar Hill House]
[The dining room at Vinegar Hill House]
Daniel Krieger

—€” East Fourth Street Italian restaurant In Vino is closing after service on Monday.  The restaurant had a 13-year run in the East Village. A manager tells EV Grieve: "Weekday business just hadn't lived up to what it has been in the past."  From now through Monday, wine glass pours are $5, and bottles are 50 percent off.

—€” Saudi Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd rented out Lucky Strike bowling alley in Times Square on Tuesday for a splashy party.  Naomi Campbell, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jonathan Cehban were all in attendance. A spy tells Page Six: "The prince was wearing sandals, jeans. He had a large 7-Eleven Slurpee cup he was sipping away at. He moped around to each lane with a blank stare."

—” Can the East Village support two Trader Joe's locations within six blocks of each other? The chain is eyeing a space in Extell's new development on East 14th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B, right down the block from the Union Square outpost of the store. Extell's VP of development, Ari Goldstein, tells DNAinfo: "That is their most profitable store right now, and the line to get in that store ... is insane."  Goldstein also notes: "It's not a totally done deal, but we think that we're close."

—€” LES CrimeWatch: Over the last three weeks, patrons at Fat Baby, The Delancey, and Inhabit Karaoke Lounge were stabbed during unrelated incidents, and a violent street brawl also broke out in front of The DL.

—€” Starbucks closed its location on the northwest corner of Union Square. The chain opened a new outpost one block south of this corner not too long ago.  The space is now for rent:

[Robert Sietsema]

—€” The police are trying to crack down on ice cream robberies from drug stores like CVS and Duane Reade.  Over the last year, the ice cream bandits hit up 10 different Manhattan drug stores.  Police believe that the thieves are re-selling the pints to bodegas, for a healthy profit. Back in February thieves stole 224 pints from a Duane Reade on West 57th Street, and another nearby location of the drug store was robbed of 66 containers of Häagen-Dazs just five minutes later.  One "high ranking police source" tells the Post: "They're selling them for 10 cents on the dollar, so it's a good deal for the bodega and for the seller."

—” The Shake Shack team made a vital upgrade to the JFK menus this week:

—€” The anonymous do-gooders behind TipsforJesus left a $1,500 gratuity on a $52 tab at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday.

—€” Last night, members of the CB1 voted to deny the liquor license application for the Raccoon Lodge's spinoff at 20 Warren.  Now, the SLA will make the final decision.

—€” Tiny Empire on Lafayette was seized by the marshal:

The juice bar closed back in January.

—€” The proprietor of local brewing company Cuzett Libations is planning to open a new brewery/bar at 10-28 46th Ave in Long Island City.  Owner Chris Cuzme says that this new brewery, Fifth Hammer Brewing Co., will produce "a multitude of styles" of beer, and the bar will feature selections from other local brewers.  It's slated to open this fall.

—€” Yes, the music is loud at many restaurants across the city, but Steve Cuozzo argues that it's also really annoying: "Take 1960s rock and Motown. The 'classic' tracks that are practically hard-wired into your brain work fine at Sadelle's in Soho, a casual spot that's made for nostalgia. But the same tunes grate on nerves like an emery wheel at American Cut Midtown, Marc Forgione's pricey new steakhouse on East 56th Street. While the food, service and ambience are swell, the soundtrack's hell. Really, Cream's 'Sunshine of Your Love' for the 14,353rd time€ —” at lunch?"

—€” And finally, here's how Ends Meats makes its mighty muffaletta:

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