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J.G. Melon Founder Jack O'Neill Has Died

O'Neill was the last of the original partners

J.G. Melon’s room is filled with people and has a reddish ceiling.
J.G. Melon
Nick Solares

John "Jack" O'Neill, founder of popular Upper East Side pub J.G Melon, has died at was 87. J.G. Melon was established in 1972 by O'Neill and partner George Morgues, the J and G in the name respectively. Morgues died in 2000. J.G Melon became known for its iconic hamburger and classic bar room, as well as its notoriously gruff service and long lines. It is beloved by local politicians (most notably former Mayor Michael Bloomberg) as well as writers, actors, but also by tourists and various Kennedys. The cash-only establishment is one of NYC's quintessential bars. In 2015, an outpost of J.G. Melon opened in Greenwich Village, but it was through a franchising deal, and O'Neill was not directly involved.

J.G. Melon

89 Macdougal Street, Manhattan, NY 10012 (212) 460-0900 Visit Website