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Ted Cruz at Sabrosura 2
Ted Cruz at Sabrosura 2
Bryan Thomas/Getty Images

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz visited a Bronx restaurant this week as part of his campaign, and it did not go so well. The Texas senator went to Chinese-Latino restaurant Sabrosura 2 for a meet-and-greet, and the Post reported that a measly dozen people showed up in support, outnumbered by protestors and press. Meanwhile, the brothers of hip-hop duo Rebel Diaz happened to be picking up chicken mofongo lunch before the event and decided to stick around to give Cruz a piece of their mind, according to Wired. Gonzalo and Rodrigo Venegas protested inside the restaurant, saying the right wing politician "had no business being in the Bronx." Police kicked the Venegas brothers out, but dissenters started forming outside the restaurant, too. GOP candidate John Kasich's visit to the Bronx Thursday went somewhat better, or at least more filled with food.

Sabrosura 2

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