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Anthony Bourdain's Favorite NYC Restaurants: Mission Chinese, Osteria Morini, and More

Bourdain has an impeccable top 5 list

[ Ulla]

Globe-trotting author/TV star/former grill cook Anthony Bourdain is gearing up to open a massive food hall over on Pier 57. With at least a year left to go before it opens, his crew is traveling all over the place doing research and scouting for the food market. Today, Bourdain tells The Daily Beast a little bit about his vision for this project:

This is a concept that should work completely independent of anybody’s name....It’s something we should have had five, six years ago, ten years ago. Hong Kong has it. Singapore has it. Why don’t we have it? We’re an international city. We’re overdue.

And just for kicks, Tony reveals the five restaurants that he visits whenever he's back home in New York City. And those restaurants are: Russ & Daughters, Osteria Morini, Shake Shack, Marea, and Mission Chinese Food. Bourdain explains his Russ & Daughters strategy: "I’m going to get bialys and a pile of chopped liver and smoked salmon and some cream cheese, maybe some sturgeon, and maybe some fish eggs--and I’m just going to go berserk."

He also says that he like to get Shake Shack on Seamless...which sounds great except it's not technically on Seamless right now. Maybe he's got a special hook-up or he uses PostMates, a strategy that Team Eater has used in the past to great effect.