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Tim Burton Bar Soft Opens, Brooklyn Night Bazaar's New Home, and More Intel

Burglars hit a handful of Lower East Side restaurants, plus more news and gossip from around NYC

[Plywood: A new location of 'Wichcraft, coming soon to the corner of Broadway and Worth in the Financial District]
[Nick Solares]

— Beetle House, the Tim-Burton themed bar on Curry Row, is now in soft opening mode. A dude dressed as Beetlejuice was outside the bar yesterday posing for photos. EV Grieve notes that it's cash-only and reservations-only, for the moment. The menu includes things like a Chocolate Factory Martini and a pumpkin-spiced "This Is Halloween" cocktail. The owner is the same guy that operates  Stay Classythe Will Ferrell-themed bar on the Lower East Side. The grand opening is on May 6. If you happen to stop by during previews, let us know what you think.

— The operators of the Brooklyn Night Bazaar are moving into the massive Greenpoint building that previously housed The Polonaise event space.  The wedding venue on Greenpoint Avenue has been dark for the last two and a half years. The landlord removed the chandeliers and other fixtures from the space right before the Night Bazaar crew moved in, so they have a bit more work to do than they originally anticipated. Once complete, the space will have a permanent restaurant in the front, plus a music venue, four bar areas, karaoke rooms, and a few game parlors. The team hopes to open by August.

A former bouncer at the Lower East Side's One Fifty One lounge is suing the club because he claims that the temperature inside the bar caused damage to his groin. The former employee, Kelvin Joyner, tells the Daily News: "When I went to see my primary care physician, when he looked at it, I had never seen my doctor look so shocked." He claims that the the constant 90 degree climate inside the bar resulted in "loss of libido" and "overwhelming hopelessness and sadness."

— A new location of Tarallucci e Vino is coming to a building on the corner of East 28th Street and Park Avenue South:

Patty Diez

Burglars hit up a handful of businesses on Orchard and Broome streets yesterday, including Babycakes bakery. Bowery Boogie hears that Kottu House and Dudley's were also two of the targets. The police are investigating the robberies.

— An artist named Sam Simon is suing the Big Gay Ice Cream owners because he claims they took a unicorn painting he did for one of their shops and turned it into their logo. The artist is seeking "no less than $500,000." The suit also names two companies that have used the artwork as part of collaborative projects: The Gap and Crown Publishing.

Hell's Kitchen is getting a new floating restaurant called Fish Bar at North River Landing. It's an upscale seafood establishment housed in a 10,000-square-foot yacht, which will set sail several times throughout the day. The people who run this also operate North River Lobster Company. It's slated to open this weekend at Pier 81.

— Eater NY senior editor Nick Solares will be on Heritage Radio today at 11 a.m. talking about his dearly departed friend and colleague Josh Ozersky.

This week, Ligaya Misha visits two new dumpling operations in the Village: Babushka Cafe and Anton's Dumplings. Here's the critic on Anton Yelyashkevich's cart: "His dumplings are small but robust, and liberally spilled into their paper trays. I counted around a dozen in each of my $5 orders. (You get twice as many for $9.) They are made by hand, albeit not by Mr. Yelyashkevich himself; he tinkered with a recipe for five years, then gave it to what he calls 'one of the top-tier dumpling factories in Brooklyn.'"

— And finally, here's a look at Marco Carnora's brodo operation in the East Village: