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New Restaurant in Bill's Gay Nineties Space Opens Tomorrow

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Another restaurateur has taken it over

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The space of the former 90-year-old bar Bill's Gay Nineties now has another new face. Restaurateur Curt Huegel, the former founder of LDV Hospitality, has taken over the restaurant and turned it into Bill's New York City, an American restaurant that he tried to make feel as nostalgic as possible. "I have always loved the building," he says in a statement. "There are very few classic restaurants that identify with the old NYC. Bill's is one of them."

Huegel's rendition is not the first revival for Bill's. Crown Group took it over three years ago and turned it into a bro-ified version of the historic restaurant called Bill's Food & Drink. It closed earlier this year, not long after the group's partners John DeLucie and Sean Largotta split. The original Bill Gay's Nineties closed in 2012 after the owners couldn't renegotiate a lease and filed for bankruptcy. The longtime Midtown piano bar at 57 East 54th St. was known for old boxing mementos displayed throughout the space.

Bill's New York will offer classic dishes like crab cake, Caesar salad, lobster Thermidor, steak tartare, and beef Wellington for two. Desserts include basics like yellow cake, flourless chocolate cake, and ice cream. The restaurant seats 170, not including a private dining room for parties. The restaurant opens on Wednesday. See the full menus below, and let us know what you think if you stop by.

Bill's Dinner

Bill's Lunch

Bill's Dessert and Coffee

Bill's Cocktail