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Wylie Dufresne Parts Ways With AKA Hotel In the Financial District

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Where will Wylie land next?

[Daniel Krieger]

Wylie Dufresne is now New York's hottest free agent chef. Last year, Dufresne teamed up with the AKA Wall Street, with plans to open a brand new restaurant in the hotel at 84 William Street down in the Financial District. News of the deal came shortly after the closure of his Clinton Street trailblazer wd~50, and a few months before the end of his casual East Village restaurant Alder. But now, the deal is off. Flo Fab reports that it was "a mutual decision between the chef and the hotel." No word yet on who will take over the restaurant space inside the hotel.

Dufresne is currently doing some consulting work with Indian fast-casual restaurant Soho Tiffin Junction, and he was recently helping his dad plan a long-delayed Lower East Side sandwich shop.  But the chef hasn't announced any other projects on the horizon. For now, New Yorkers will just have to keep waiting patiently for another full-fledged Wylie restaurant.