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Rosengren Wins Best Sommelier Award, Mekong on King to Close, and More Intel

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Ridgewood is getting a beer garden/artificial beach, plus more dining news and gossip from around NYC.

[The former Elan space]
[Nick Solares]

— Charlie Bird's Arvid Rosengren just won the Best Sommelier in the World competition, which was held this week in Argentina. The event takes place every three years. Rosengren has been working at Robert Bohr's Soho hot spot for the last year.

— Meanwhile, Mekong, the Vietnamese restaurant across the street from Charlie Bird, is closing at the end of the month because the landlord recently decided to double the rent. Owner Brian Bui tells Grub Street: "You try to maintain...but it's no longer economically viable. Most of Keith McNally's spots, as well as Raoul's and all the Blue Ribbons, are catering to tourists. The neighborhood places just don't work anymore." April 28 will be the restaurant's last day in business.

— Matthew Tivy, the chef behind Cafe Du Soleil on the UWS, is getting sued for $10 million over his relationship with a New Jersey teen. The suit claims that Tivy had sex with the 15-year-old boy. The teen's father says that he's in therapy with his son because of the "great physical and mental pain" caused by Tivy. The chef plead not guilty to a similar suit last fall. The Post notes that it's "not clear if the two alleged victims are the same person."

On a much lighter note, the team behind Rockaway Brewing Company is planning a new artificial beach/bar in Ridgewood this summer at 176 Woodward Avenue. The lot will have 140 cubic yards of sand trucked in from Long Island, and the bar will serve craft beer from NYC-area breweries.

— The former Elan space is now on the market (as pictured above). David Waltuck's Flatiron District restaurant closed last month.

Well drinks and wine at Hillary Clinton's primary party at the Sheraton in Midtown cost $14, while domestic beers were priced at $10. At Bernie's primary party at KBH Bierhalle in Brooklyn, half liters of beer cost $8. At Trump's victory party, guests drank Donald-branded Champagne.

— During a Facebook Live session yesterday, a fan asked Anthony Bourdain if he thought that street vendors could save the restaurant industry. His response: "I don't know... I like the idea of food trucks as an entry point for people who might not otherwise have the startup capital to open a brick and mortar restaurant... but as an entrepreneurial effort, benefits and insurance is not something you can reasonably hope for..."

45 Avenue B
[Nick Solares]

— Earlier this week, the members of the CB3 SLA subcommittee voted to deny Lamia Funti's liquor license application at 45 Avenue B for a proposed two-story restaurant/fish market. Funti manages Le Souk in Greenwich Village, and 45 Avenue B was once home to a much-maligned offshoot of that hookah bar. Now the SLA will make the final decision on the liquor license.

— And finally, here's how to create graphic designs on cakes in the style of Brutus Bakeshop: