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Montauk Hot Spot Dave's Grill Is Moving; Tutto Il Giorno Rumored to Take its Place

The celebrity hangout is turning into Dave's Gone Fishing


Dave's Grill has long been Montauk's most iconic restaurant. A shack by the ocean enlivened by flowers, flattering light, and superior food, its tables have always been notoriously tough to score and diners wait hours on the porch just to get a seat at the bar. Now after nearly 30 years, Dave and Julie Marcley are leaving their home at 468 West Lake Drive and opening Dave's Gone FIshing where Fishbar lived at 467 E Lake Drive in Montauk. The new concept will be more focused on small plates.

Meanwhile, word is that Gabby Karan has grabbed Dave's spot, and is bringing her Tutto Il Giorno concept to the West Lake site. Known for her interior design skills, Karan will no doubt make the seaside shack even more inviting.