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Lunch Start-Up MealPass Expands to Midtown

Restaurant options include Picnic Basket and Pat LaFrieda


Lunch start-up MealPass is now available in Midtown. The program, which allows diners to pay a flat rate for the month's weekday lunches, launched last month only in the Union Square, Kips Bay, and Flatiron area. Now MealPass announces that it has added 45 new restaurant options, including ones between 30th Street and 40th Street.

New restaurants listed include Local Thyme, Wafels & Dinges, The Picnic Basket, The Lobster Press, Sarge's Deli, Pat LaFrieda, and Essen Midtown. MealPass users, who currently pay $99-a-month for membership, can choose one option each weekday for lunch, while restaurants only need to offer one dish per day to the members. Membership cost will eventually go up to $119 in New York City.

Early reactions of MealPass from diners and restaurateurs have largely been positive, despite a somewhat negative review from the Post's Steve Cuozzo. Members have so far been pleased with the number of options, including healthy ones, while restaurants reported early profits and ease of use. One note: Unlike many restaurant industry start-ups such as UberEats, MealPass users have to go physically pick up their food, making proximity especially important. Sign up for an account here if you're interested, and let us know what you think if you try the Midtown options.

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