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Josh Stein Resigns From The Observer, Clinton & Colbert at Carnegie, and More Intel

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La Caravelle is popping up at Chef's Club, plus more restaurant news and gossip from around NYC

The former Nite Owl space on First Avenue. A new team has applied for a liquor license in this space under the moniker "AGN Restaurant LLC"
[Nick Solares]

Restaurant critic Joshua David Stein resigned from the Observer after it endorsed Donald Trump last week. The paper is owned and operated by Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Writing for the Guardian, Stein explains his decision:

[F]or a while I contented myself as working for gradual change from within the system. I tried to convince myself that if I lauded love and light in my writing it could somehow redeem the dark toxicity of the paper’s ownership. Perhaps that I served the reader or shone the spotlight on chefs could absolve me. But in the end, there became less and less room to manoeuvre. But what’s the difference between a court jester and a genuine voice of dissent? One the court keeps; the other has too much integrity to keep the court entertained.

He also notes: "To stand with Trump is to stand with hate; what I ate, and what I thought about it, is small beer compared with that." Stein regularly wrote restaurant reviews for the Observer over the last three years, while contributing to a number of other publications, including Eater. He recently published his first children's book, Can I Eat That?

Hillary Clinton and Stephen Colbert recently sat down at Carnegie Delicatessen to talk about Bill's vegan diet, and eating in front of the press:

— And speaking of Hillary, the presidential candidate stopped by Mikey Likes It for ice cream yesterday, and now the store is serving a sandwich inspired by her campaign.

— Daniel Rose, the American-born chef behind Parisian hit Spring, is renting an apartment in New York for the opening of his new restaurant with Stephen Starr, Le Coucou. He's here at least through the end of the review cycle, but possibly longer. "I’ll get a lot of frequent flier miles, I guess," Rose explains. Stephen Starr has opened a lot of glossy restaurants in his day, but he insists that this is one of his pet projects, like The Clocktower and Upland. Starr remarks: "I will never make a lot of money here, in this restaurant....That’s not the point. My heart is in these types of restaurants, but you’ve got to pay for the things." Le Coucou is slated to open next month inside the 11 Howard hotel in Soho.

— Premium delivery service Caviar expands to Queens today with a roster that includes Queens Comfort, Alobar, Milkflower, and The Queens Kickshaw. Check out the updated Brooklyn/Queens list of participating restaurants here.

— On May 10 and 11, Rita and André Jammet will host a meal at Chefs Club in Soho inspired by their dearly departed Midtown restaurant, La Caravelle. The meal will be prepared by La Caravelle veterans Tadashi Ono, Laurent Richard, and Cyril Renaud, along with the Chefs Club team. The meal will cost $110. Prepaid reservations can be made online.

— At a meeting last night, the members of the CB3 voted to deny the liquor license application from the Quality Eats team at 177 Ludlow Street. The SLA will now decide whether or not the team gets a liquor license for the space.

Dominique Ansel Bakery London is slated to open in late summer or early fall. The U.K. outpost of the NYC bakery will include hits like the Cronuts and cookie shots, plus some new items.

Clubby Midtown Chinese restaurant Red Stix is going through a rough patch right now. Page Six hears that the restaurant is six months behind on rent and might be evicted soon. Co-owner Mike Reda acknowledges that he's dealing with money problems, but notes: "We’re still open for business."

A Department of Health inspector shut down East End Kitchen at 539 81st Street after tallying up 60 violation points during a visit last week. The restaurant is also currently facing eviction.

— And finally, here's a look at how Jean-Paul Bourgeois makes Blue Smoke's white wings:

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