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Shake Shack UES Leads City In Upset Stomach Complaints

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The company has "long suspected" it's a bitter ex-employee filing phony complaints

Shake Shack Upper East Side
Shake Shack Upper East Side
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The Shake Shack on the Upper East Side leads the city in the number of upset stomach complaints, according to a report in the Post — a result of what the Danny Meyer burger joint says is a former employee filing "phony complaints." The location at 154 East 86th St. racked up 11 complaints over the last year, which is more than any other restaurant in the city. A diner experienced "abdominal cramps" after eating a burger at the location on March 24. The chain received five other complaints at other locations, as well.

But a spokesman with the company tells the Post that they've "long suspected" that a fired employee has been calling in the complaints at the location. The UES outpost has sold burgers to "hundreds of thousands" of people over the last year and has an A health rating, the spokesman tells Gothamist. "Our records show no reports of any issue," he says. He did not comment on complaints at other locations.

The city's 311 complaint system docked more than 3,200 upset stomach complaints at restaurants over the last year, with JFK Terminal 8's Brooklyn Deli and the Gowanus Whole Foods ranking second and third in numbers. Department of Health inspectors will investigate the complaints, but it rarely leads to anything. Anonymous complainers can't be reached, and by the time the health department can look into anything, the food at fault has likely already been thrown away.

Shake Shack

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