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What to Eat at Yankee Stadium, 2016 Edition

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So much more than peanuts and Cracker Jack

John Bencina

There's no reason to settle on a mediocre hot dog or $8 Bud Light at Yankee Stadium. Skip the dogs and get eggplant and mozzarella sandwiches from Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone at Parm, fried pickles from Brother Jimmy's BBQ, or juicy steak sandwiches from Lobel's. Plus: The ballpark's 2016 menu lineup includes new options like a two-foot-long cheesesteak, a burger with pastrami, and diner-style egg cremes. Here's a guide to what to eat at Yankee Stadium, and where to find it:


Parm: The Yankee Stadium outpost of Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi's Nolita sandwich shop and restaurant serves a much smaller menu compared to the other Manhattan locations. Options currently include a meatball parm and mozzarella sandwich, both for $14. Located in Section 104.

Lobel's of New York: Lobel's, the New York butcher shop institution, serves hand-carved steak sandwiches to order. They're not cheap at $15, but its loyal fans find it well worth the price. Find the jus-soaked sandwiches in Sections 134 and 321.

Brother Jimmy's BBQ: The barbecue restaurant has locations throughout Yankee Stadium, offering Carolina pulled pork sandwiches, pulled chicken sandwiches, beef sandwiches, fried pickles, mac 'n' cheese, and baked beans with smoked pork. Find it in Sections 133, 201, 214, and 320A.


Section 100

For the meat lovers in the crowd, there are outposts of both Brother Jimmy's BBQ (133) and Lobel's of New York (134), plus Parm, the well-known Italian sandwich shop in Section 104. NYY Steak Express, which serves strip steak sandwiches in Section 109, is right next to chicken wing stand Wings (109). Johnny Rockets, the faux-retro chain also serves burgers, hot dogs, shakes and fries in Section 132. And starting next week, Carl's Steak (107) is offering a two-footlong cheesesteak for $27.

For a snack that doesn't involve beef, the best bet is Garlic Fries (108) which offers French fries in a variety of permutations, including cheese fries and garlic fries, plus chicken fingers. Cheese lovers can go to Big Cheese (107) for grilled cheese sandwiches with Boar’s Head cheese. And those looking for something completely different can find noodle bowls and assorted sushi platters at the Noodle Bowl and Sushi Stand (Section 127B and A, respectively)

The Pepsi Food Court (126) is where fans can find Papa Johns Pizza and Nathan's hot dogs, plus frozen drinks, craft beer, premium drafts, and cask-aged cocktails including a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, and Negroni. Making its debut at the ballpark and the Pepsi Food Court this year is lunchtime favorite Hale and Hearty Soups. A rotating menu will include a classic chicken noodle, chili mac and cheese, lasagna, sweet-corn chowder that's gluten-free, and a vegetarian three-lentil chili. The menu also offers a variety of cold soups.

Between Sections 100 and 200 is the Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar serving drinks like a classic piña colada, tropical Tea, and "The Spicy Apple."

Section 200

Here you'll find a fairly wide variety of options including Chinese lo main, veggie fried rice, and BBQ ribs at Weigh Station (223). It's also where you'll find two more outposts of Brother Jimmy's BBQ in Sections 201 and 214, plus more cheesesteaks from Carl's Steaks in Section 223. Making its debut at next week's Opening Day is Linda’s Egg Creams, an homage to a pop-up soda shop based in Brooklyn, offering the classic New York diner drink made with seltzer, syrup and milk. Other sweet options include Dippin' Dots' futuristic ice cream (228), Turkey Hill Ice Cream stands (207, 232), and frozen yogurt from Sweetfrog (224).

Kosher options are available Sunday through Friday afternoons at sections 214A and 229.

Section 300

There are a couple of exclusive suites on this level, but the Sunrun Rooftop Deck (310) is open to everyone. It offers all-you-can-eat ballpark favorites and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks, all with a view of the Manhattan skyline.

There's also a Brother Jimmy's BBQ in Section 320A, a Carl's Steaks in Section 311, and a Johnny Rockets in Section 326. Plus: Tostito's offers a "Build Your Own Nachos" station in Sections 314 and 327. Dessert options in Section 300 include Dippin' Dots (323) and Turkey Hill Ice Cream (313, 319, 324). Unique to Section 300 is a Tacos and Empanadas Cart located at Section 321. And starting next week, the cart will offer buffalo chicken quesadillas in addition to classic tacos and empanadas.

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