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Dave Gulino Leaves Bruno Pizza; Owner Demian Repucci Battles Landlord in Court

It has not been an easy start for the pizzeria

David Gulino and Justin Slojkowski
David Gulino and Justin Slojkowski
Daniel Krieger

Chef Dave Gulino has left Bruno Pizza due to unforeseen family matters, according to owner Demian Repucci. Chef Justin Slojkowski, who was co-head chef with Gulino will remain in that role. Slojkowski and Gulino first partnered as chefs at Box Kite, before opening Bruno Pizza with Repucci last year. Eater reached out to Gulino for an additional statement, but he has not responded yet.

In other Bruno Pizza news Repucci reports that he has won a judgement against a petition of eviction by landlord Steven Croman and 9300 Realty. According to Repucci he was served with an eviction notice the very week that Bruno opened. At issue was  an unsanctioned roof deck and the use of basement space by the landlord, both of which fell outside of the bounds of the lease. When Repucci refused to accept the modification, 9300 Realty filed the lawsuit. It was finally thrown out of court last week."If you sign a lease with Steven Croman you should be prepared to defend against an eviction notice," says Repucci, who is counter-suing the landlord in NY Supreme Court.

Bruno Pizza

204 East 13th Street, New York, NY