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Smorgasburg Team Launches New Cafe Project in MePa

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It's in the new Samsung "technology playground."

Samsung 837
Samsung 837
Courtesy of Samsung 837

You can now eat Smorgasburg-curated vendors in the Meatpacking District. The team behind the popular food market has curated a cafe at Samsung's new Meatpacking flagship Samsung 837, a "technology playground" where guests can play with the latest Samsung products. Despite the Samsung label, it's not a retail store. In fact, the only items for purchase are those for sale in the café.

As part of the project, familiar Smorgasburg vendor Stand Coffee is running a seven-day coffee and espresso program alongside more than a dozen food vendors, including Dough, Ovenly, and Three Jerks. Some of the café offerings include hot or iced Stand Coffee, sandwiches made by Big Mozz, Dough doughnuts, and cookies and pastries from Ovenly and Rubyzaar Bakery.

According to Smorgasburg co-founder Eric Demby, the space at 837 Washington Street features the world’s largest multimedia display, with a giant digital screen made from 96 55-inch visual displays. Something to look at while eating, perhaps. Take a look at the current menu below, and let us know what you think if you stop by.

Samsung Smorgasburg Cafe Menu

Samsung Smorgasburg Cafe Menu

Samsung 837

837 Washington St, New York, NY

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