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The Meat Hook Reopens in a New Location, and Brooklyn Kitchen Beefs Up

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Big week for butcher fans.

The Meat Hook

The Meat Hook — the well-regarded butcher shop from partners Brent Young and Ben Turley — settled into its new location last week. It previously operated out of a small space in The Brooklyn Kitchen for six years, and with the new space a few blocks away at 397 Graham Avenue, they have room for things like a production center, which allows the team to focus on research and development. "Now we have the space to come up with new recipes," says Turley. "There's more space for our butchers and new animals." It also features expanded grocery and retail, as well as prepared foods, including housemade pickles, potato salads, and rotating daily sandwiches from The Meat Hook's Sandwich Shop.

Meanwhile, back at 100 Frost Street, The Brooklyn Kitchen is using The Meat Hook's vacancy to unveil it's newest "protein program," featuring a full-service butcher counter, custom fish case, and extended cheese program. Fish offerings include oysters, Rhode Island squid, smelts, and cured and smoked fish from Acme Fish in Greenpoint. Founders Taylor Erkkinen and Harry Rosenblum have also added dry-aged steaks from DeBragga Meats to the list of offerings at Brooklyn Kitchen. The general store will continue to serve as a center for education offering cooking classes, butcher demonstrations, and kitchen supplies. If you happen to stop by either the new version of Meat Hook or Brooklyn Kitchen, be sure to let us know what you think.