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Kasich Pizza ForkGate, Koch Brother Wine, Kati Roll Lawsuit, And More Intel

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Plus: a Japanese-style fish market project moves forward

Kati Junction
Kati Junction will have to change its name after trademark infringement lawsuit.
Greg Morabito

— Osakana, the planned fish market from Williamsburg restaurant Okonomi, has exceeded its Kickstarter fundraising goal of $50,000. The Japanese-style market will sell fresh fish from the Atlantic daily. It will also have a lunch counter with fish ramen or rice bowls and cooking classes for people who want to learn more about fish.

— Republican presidential candidate Gov. John Kasich started eating his pizza with a knife and fork on a visit to Queens, a widely criticized move that Mayor Bill de Blasio also made a couple years ago. Kasich eventually picked up the pizza with his built-in utensils, aka hands. "Look, look, the pizza came scalding hot, OK?" he tells Good Morning America in defense.

— A judge ruled that Kati Roll copycats Kati Junction and Kati Roll and Platters must change their names. Kati Junction in New York must also remove the color orange from the restaurant and change its recipes, and Kati Roll and Platters, a restaurant in New York, owes The Kati Roll Company $700,000.

— Some former employees of Stephen Starr restaurants are planning to open a Vietnamese restaurant on St. Mark's Place. Sample menu items include southern prawn curry with basil, wood-grilled whole bass in banana leaf, and a banana blossom salad with chicken.

— Cupcake Cafe, one of the city's old time cupcake cafes, closed this week but will reopen in May. No word yet on the reason for the temporary shutter.

— A brunch-only restaurant is opening on Staten Island this weekend. Project Brunch has been posting pictures of elaborately-topped pancakes, waffles, and muffins, including a Lucky Charms pancake, almond joy pancakes, and Cookie Crisp cereal waffles.

— You now have a chance to buy wine from notorious rich person William Koch. He's auctioning off more than 20,000 bottles of his pricey wine collection because he realized he can't drink it all. In May, people will be able to bid on things like a 1945 bottle of Latour Bordeaux, valued between $24,000 and $35,000. He has 11 bottles of it.

— One Star House Party, an international group of chefs with experience in restaurants like Noma, will be popping up in New York for six nights starting Tuesday, April 5th. The chefs make a 7-course meal in a local Airbnb, with dishes like scallops with beeswax, leeks and whey and beef shortrib with miso-smoked pumpkin and pickled pine nuts. Tickets cost $125.

— And finally, here's how April Bloomfield makes a scotch egg: