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Citi Field Snags a Location of David Chang's Fried Chicken Phenom Fuku

Stadium dining just got flipped on its head and turned inside-out. Ladies and gentlemen, we're through the looking glass.

Citi Field photo courtesy of Citi Field. Fuku photo by Nick Solares.

The fourth location of David Chang's wildly popular fried chicken sandwich restaurant Fuku is landing at Citi Field next week. The Fuku stand will be on the First Level Concourse, adjacent to Section 102. The menu will include the spicy fried chicken sandwich, fries, Fuku fingers, and Milk Bar cookies. The stand will be open during all Citi Field events, and it will be ready on opening day, April 8.

Chang launched the casual sandwich restaurant in the old Momofuku Ko space last June. Fuku + in Midtown followed a few months after that, and the chef/restaurateur also opened a stand in Madison Square Garden earlier this year. Stay tuned for a complete guide to the new dining options at Citi Field later this week.