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Four Facts About Rainbow Doughnuts, the Latest Novelty Food Spin-Off

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What to know about the latest take on a novelty food

Instagram/Katherine Lam

Last week, the Rainbow Bagel® completed its novelty food cycle when it had it's first spinoff: the rainbow doughnut. Here are a few things to know about the latest novelty food:

1) The bakery rolling these out is Moe's Doughs in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. No doubt inspired by the sweeping Instagram success of the rainbow bagel, Moe's introduced its rainbow doughnut last week via social media. Moe's is also home to a Samoas doughnut, a play on the Girl Scout cookie.

2) While the Bagel Store uses neon dye to make the "world's most beautiful bagel," Moe's only uses food coloring to create two of its colors. An employee at Moe's explains that the cake doughnuts are a combination of some of Moe's most popular doughnut flavors, including red velvet, pistachio, strawberry, and sour cream. Like at the Bagel Store, the different colored doughs at Moe's are layered before being cut and fried.

3) In addition to the plain ol' rainbow doughnut, there is a chocolate-covered version.

A photo posted by Moe's Doughs (@moesdoughs) on

4) Currently, no lines are forming outside the Nassau Avenue bakery, and a look at the #rainbowdoughnuts hashtag shows that it hasn't quite caught on yet. But it's possible that will change.

An employee notes that the doughnuts typically sell out each day between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. If you're interested in hopping on the novelty food bandwagon, now would be the time to try rainbow doughnuts.