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See the Menus for Impero Caffè, Scott Conant's New Italian Restaurant Opening Monday

The restaurant hotel offers lunch and dinner

scott conant Giles Ashford

Scott Conant's new Italian restaurant Impero Caffè opens on Monday in the new INNSIDE New York Nomad Hotel development, which opened last week. It's the TV personality's first restaurant in New York City since he split with the Scarpetta partners a couple years ago. The 73-seat restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner with pasta, sandwiches, and seafood. A lounge in the hotel, also run by Conant, will be "a traditional Italian coffeehouse," with espresso and pastries. Lunch options include a grilled eggplant sandwich with tomato, mozzarella, and basil pesto; a spiced roast beef sandwich with arugula, giardiniera, tomato, and parmigiano; and a parsnip soup with farro and celery root. The dinner menu offers ten pastas, including a pappardelle with braised rabbit and mint, and entrees such as a sea trout with peas, morels, and salmoriglio. See the full dinner, lunch, dessert, and cocktail lists below, and stay tuned for photos of the space next week.

Impero Caffe By Scott Conant

132 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001 (917) 409-5171