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Odeon's Colorful History, Trouble for Pranna Drunk Brunch, And More Intel

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Plus: Some landlords would rather have an empty storefront instead of a local business

A restaurant worker passes through a dining room of a business with seated customers and hanging light fixtures.
Bushwick pasta restaurant Faro
Daniel Krieger

— The Times takes a look at The Odeon, the more than 30-year-old downtown restaurant that's now hip again thanks to the Conde Nast magazine editors frequenting the place. But the restaurant, opened by Brian McNally, Keith McNally, and McNally's then-girlfriend Lynn Wagenknecht, was hip once before, too. Artists and writers, including Andy Warhol, frequented the restaurant back in the day.

— Police confiscated a Hell's Kitchen hot dog and shish kebab vendor's cart after the vendor asked for their name and badge numbers. Wagih Hasan says he was legally selling from a spot at West 36th Street and 11th Avenue when police asked him to move. Hasan agreed but asked them for their information. Shortly after, police accused Hasan of disorderly conduct and took the cart and its contents, leaving him out of the job.

— Midtown steakhouse Four Cuts wants people to visit so much, they're now offering a chauffeur service. The program, called "Dine-Drive," picks up diners who live between 14th and 96th Streets, brings them to the restaurant, and drives them back home afterward.

— Infamous drunk brunch restaurant Pranna is at risk of losing its liquor license again. The owners have been trying to clean up their act, but the State Liquor Authority says Rajiv and Payal Sharma have been making unauthorized renovations that threaten their right to serve booze. Rajiv Sharma, who's in the process of opening a new restaurant in part of the space, says he didn't realize they did anything wrong.

— Some landlords would rather have an empty storefront than bet on a small business. A Brooklyn Heights landlord of a vacant storefront that used to house a Starbucks is refusing to rent to anybody unless it's just as big a name — irking neighbors who are sick of seeing the empty space. Starbucks hasn't been in the space since 2012. "We’re spoiled with a triple-A credit rating and that’s what we’re looking for again," the landlord says.

— Chef Kevin Adey's Bushwick pasta hit Faro is now serving a tasting menu. The Italian regional pasta dinner costs $85 for eight-courses, including pastas, appetizers, and dessert, and is available on Friday and Saturday nights at a six-seat counter. Reservations made by calling 718-381-8201.

— California star chef Christopher Kostow, from Bay Area's The Restaurant at Meadowood, is offering some dishes at the Nomad Bar this month. It's a preview of sorts for his new, more casual restaurant that will open in his home state later this year.

— And finally, check out how Greenpoint doughnut stalwart Peter Pan makes a special summer treat:

This bakery is a national treasure

Posted by Eater NY on Thursday, March 24, 2016


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