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West Village Hot Spot Rosemary's Spawns Tokyo Spinoff

It looks almost exactly like the original.

[Wade Moises and Carlos Suarez]
Daniel Krieger

Carlos Suarez and Wade Moises are opening a new iteration of their hit West Village restaurant Rosemary's in Tokyo this weekend. In keeping with the farm-to-table theme of the original, much of the produce will come from local farmers in the Kantō region. The new Rosemary's is located on the sixth floor of the NEWoMan development, near the Shinjuku train station. The space even looks like the dining room on Greenwich Avenue:

[Facebook/Rosemary's Tokyo]

The menu will include the hits from the original, including the homemade pastas, foccacia, and mozzarella. A rep for the group explains that the team will also be "cultivating an urban garden on site." Stay tuned for more details on the new Japanese version of Rosemary's next week.


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