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Cibao Machete Slashing, Mast Brothers Head to LA, and More Intel

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Gowanus is getting a kosher restaurant, plus more news and gossip from around NYC.

[The long vacant Milday's space in Soho]
[The long vacant Milday's space in Soho]
Nick Solares

Three customers at Cibao Bar and Restaurant in Jackson Heights were rushed to the hospital on Sunday after another patron attacked them with a machete. The Post reports that that the attacker, Guillermo Torres, was at the bar when the three other customers started talking to his date. Torres left the bar, returned with the machete, and started slashing at the three men when they exited around 4:30 a.m. Torres was arrested and charged with assault and possession of a weapon. The victims are currently in stable condition.

— More grim news: A customer at El Economico in the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx whipped out a knife during a fight at the restaurant on Sunday. The man cut three people — including the owner — during the fight. None of the victims were seriously wounded, but two of them were taken to the hospital. Police are still looking for the attacker.

— On a much lighter note, Brooklyn's own Mast Brothers are planning to open a 6,000 square foot retail space in Los Angeles. The new store is in the Arts District, right around the corner from Stumptown and Bestia. Eater LA notes that "it should be ready to open just about any day now, with planned friends and family nights running later this month."

— The Milady's space at 160 Prince Street (pictured above) is still vacant two years after the storied dive bar closed. The space sports some aggressive new "restaurant for lease" signage.

— Three Crown Heights-based restaurateurs are planning to open a new kosher establishment called Bourbon & Bison in the Gowanus space that previously housed The Bahche.

The space on the corner of Second Avenue and East Fourth Street that most recently housed Contrada is still on the market, although EV Grieve notes that a new broker has bumped up the asking rent while lowering the key money. The Contrada/Calliope/Belcourt space can be yours for $16,500 per month, plus $85,000 up front. Contrada closed last July.

One of the owners of Gelso & Grand is planning a new taqueria at 162 East Broadway called Gracias Mama. The restaurateur, Hassan Gholizadeh, bought the building last year for $6.6 million.

Five years after interviewing Eric Ripert about his career and practicing buddhism, Josh Stein checks back in with the chef on the line at Le Bernardin. Ripert explains the connection between his faith and cooking seafood: "We take the life of animals for it’s not just like an ingredient. You’re working with something that was precious, so therefore you use all your talents, all your mind, all the craftsmanship, everything, to pay respect. "

— Mimi Sheraton is not jumping on the Black Seed bandwagon:

Is freshly-divorced superstar chef Bobby Flay dating Masters of Sex actress Heléne Yorke? Possibly. A rep says that they're just friends, but the chef and the actress have been spotted around town together recently.

Danny Bowien and Sam Mason collaborated on a new ice cream sandwich at Oddfellows. The new treat is made with ube ice cream, shiso granola, and coconut dulce de leche.

— And finally, here's the ultimate plate of meat and sides at Hometown Bar-B-Que: