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Dead Rabbit Drink Slingers Plan Cuban-Themed Pier A Booze Barn

The bar will channel 20s Cuba, when thirsty Americans traveled south for a taste of the good stuff.

[Jack McGarry and Sean Muldoon]
Daniel Krieger

The cocktail maestros behind The Dead Rabbit are planning a Cuban-themed spinoff in the sprawling Pier A complex at the edge of the Financial District. The new bar, dubbed Blacktail, will inhabit a 2,000 square foot space on the second floor of the building. Bartender/proprietors Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry will make cocktails inspired by 1920s Cuba. Muldoon tells the Wall Street Journal: "I’ve had this thing in my head forever." Peter Poulakakos, the restaurateur behind Pier A, said that he made a "substantial investment" in this new bar. Poulakakos is also one of the investors in The Dead Rabbit. Tribeca Citizen points out that the new bar will replace a previously existing venue called The Harrison Room. If everything goes according to plan, Blacktail will open in June.