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Chef Dan Silverman IN at Minetta Tavern

A bold move from Keith McNally

Nick Solares

Dan Silverman is the new executive chef at Minetta Tavern. He takes over from Bill Brasile who announced his departure last week. Silverman previously ran the kitchens at Union Square Cafe, Lever House, The Standard Grill, and The Regency Bar & Grill.  He left his position at the restaurant in the Loews Regency New York last year.

Silverman will be the fourth chef to run Minetta Tavern. Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr ran the restaurant together, as they did at Balthazar for many years, from the opening in 2008 until they parted ways with McNally in 2013.  After their departure, Brasile was promoted to the executive chef position.

Last week Eater wondered whether McNally would make drastic changes to the menu or install a chef that would act like a keeper of the flame, preserving the now-classic and so far immutable core items. By choosing a chef as accomplished as Silverman, it seems clear that there will be some changes at Minetta Tavern.

Silverman is expected to begin work in mid-April and until that time Daniel Parilla, current co-executive chef at Cherche Midi and former head sous chef at Minetta Tavern, will over see the kitchen and help with the transition.

Minetta Tavern

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