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Park Slope Farm-to-Table Restaurant Applewood Abruptly Shutters

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The restaurant was in business for almost 12 years.


Last night, the proprietors of Applewood announced the closure of their Park Slope farm-to-table restaurant on Facebook and Twitter, and in an email to customers. "We had a great run, but it is time for the next chapter in our story," owners David and Laura Shea tell their fans. The husband-and-wife duo opened the restaurant back in 2004. They moved to Columbia County, New York, a few years ago, and commuted into Brooklyn to run the restaurant. Laura tells DNAinfo: "We couldn’t do it the way we wanted to do it from that distance. … We just wanted to get out while the getting was good." Laura also says that she "started to feel like the Brooklyn restaurant scene was getting pretty diluted." The Sheas have a farm in Columbia County, and Laura operates a cheese shop in Chatham. The restaurateurs have not announced any other future plans yet.

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