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Williamsburg Malaysian Restaurant Pasar Malam to Transform Into Chinese Club

The neighborhood apparently did not catch on to Malaysian food

Pasar Malam Robert Sietsema

Flatiron Malaysian restaurant Laut's Williamsburg outpost Pasar Malam has closed and will soon be transforming into a Chinese restaurant by the same owners. The new restaurant, called Chinese Club, will debut in the next week and will offer a menu that's more Chinese and less Malaysian, according to tipsters and an employee.

Laut's Malaysian fare is critically acclaimed, and Pasar Malam — which opened in summer 2014 — was beloved by critics, too, with the Village Voice calling it "the best Malaysian restaurant" in the city and Eater critic Robert Sietsema finding the food just as good as other top Malaysian restaurants. But apparently the owners didn't think Williamsburg locals were catching onto the cuisine, the employee tells Eater.

Still, not all Malaysian food will disappear at the new version of the restaurant. Popular Laut dishes like Hainanese chicken and crispy chili chicken will remain on the menu. Eater has reached out to the owners and will update with more information as it becomes available.

Pasar Malam

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