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Hudson Yards Update: 12 Restaurants Still in the Running for 7 Open Spots

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Plus: Danny Meyer still hasn't inked a deal for any projects at the development.

Shops and Restaurants at Hudson Yards
Shops and Restaurants at Hudson Yards

Thomas Keller and developer Related Companies' Kenneth Himmel have whittled down the contenders for restaurants at Hudson Yards to 12, meaning the final line-up for the mixed-used development may be imminent, according to a report from Bloomberg. Already, Keller's opening both a steakhouse and an American grill, and José Andrés and Costas Spiliadis have each signed up to open restaurants in the Shops and Restaurants, too. Himmel tells Bloomberg that that leaves just six or seven "signature" restaurant spots left to fill, not including a number of smaller concepts.

It's not yet clear who's in the running for the remaining restaurant spaces, but they'll likely be chefs with deep pockets and locations around the world. The developer wants people "who can muster millions of dollars to build out their space" and experience "operating restaurants globally," Bloomberg reports. All the restaurants will also be serving different kinds of cuisines so that "there would be something for everyone," such as Japanese restaurant next to a steakhouse next to a tapas place.

Himmel and Keller are still tossing around Danny Meyer's name, too, including for a cocktail lounge on an observation deck and a 46,000-square-foot food market at street level. But Meyer's spokeswoman told Bloomberg that no deal is in place for either of those concepts. The Shops and Restaurants at Hudson Yards is set to open in 2018, along with the rest of the eastern part of the development.

Hudson Yards

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