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Dufour & Obraitis Switch Up the Menu and Hours at M. Wells Steakhouse in Long Island City

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Hugue Dufour is shifting gears to focus on game and large-format options.

[Facebook/M. Wells Steakhouse]

Hugue Dufour and Sarah Obraitis are making some major changes at their two-year-old Michelin-starred restaurant M. Wells Steakhouse. Starting this week, the restaurant will be open Thursday through Saturday evenings, only. The team will use the extra dark days to focus on rolling out new menu options, including multi-course dinners for large groups.

The menu will still include favorites like the French onion soup and the bone marrow escargots. But Obratis says that the kitchen will have an "emphasis on seasonal cooking, game, and vegetables." The restaurateur also notes: "On these three nights a core group of us, who have been together for years now, will work on every aspect of the dining experience." The new iteration of the menu is still in the works, but Obraitis promises that the restaurant will offer "large format dinners centered on something big for two or four or six guests." These feasts will change regularly. In an announcement about the changes, Dufour explains: "We just want to make people happy, and I think we can do what we want to do and still make everyone happy."

In other M. Wells news, the crew is still taking over the kitchen at Long Island City cocktail destination Dutch Kills. The menu of M. Wells bar food will launch later this month.

If you happen to stop by the new version of M. Wells Steakhouse, let us know what you think.

M. Wells Steakhouse

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